Why Zien?

Visual art is the end game for a proclivity to seek the novel and unexpected. A Dutch word for to see, Zien aims to stress the questions; who is art for? and; are there limits to what art can be and who it can reach? We imagine a new way of life with contemporary art.

What are Scarce Editions?

Scarce Editions are unfabricated, born-digital artworks that include:

  • Artwork file(s)
  • Production rights and documentation
  • Edition number
  • Proof of authenticity

The authenticity and provenance of each Scarce Edition is preserved using the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I acquire Scarce Editions?

Artists release Scarce Editions at random during drops, within a 48 hour drop period. Upgrade a drop to receive the 1 hour notification.

Why use blockchain?

A public blockchain is a resource to record information that anyone can access but no-one controls. By registering Scarce Editions on the Ethereum blockchain, collectors have an irrevocable proof of ownership and authenticity.

How much does it cost to fabricate editions?

Production costs are different for each Scarce Edition, as determined by artists. Get access to edition information and production costs by joining drops.

How can I get in touch?

You can send a note to office@zien.io.