How do I join Zien?

Head to @zienzienbot on Telegram and press Start to join. Think of the Zien bot as a lobby you enter before accessing other parts of the Zien world.

What is Zien?

Zien is a Web3 platform enabling a new way to produce and collect contemporary art as Expanded NFTs: onchain art that can be redeemed for physical counterparts. What Zien calls art in the 2.5th-dimension. Through experimental collaboration with today's foremost artists, Zien transforms how museum-grade art is accessed and collected by future focused audiences.

How does Zien work?

Zien works closely with ambitious artists to curate, produce and distribute new drops of Expanded NFTs. These are digital *and* physical artworks that state change on-chain. By joining the Zien bot on Telegram you will be notified when new drops go live, plus unlock access to groups and online/offline events. The Zien bot will signpost you to previous, live and forthcoming drops, while also helping you to mint and redeem Expanded NFTs.

What are Expanded NFTs and how do I redeem?

Zien believes there needs to be a new way to engage with art that’s simultaneously on-screen and offline. Expanded NFTs are digital-first artworks that are redeemable onchain for counterpart physical artworks. Redemption of Expanded NFTs is activated using the /redeem command in the Zien bot on Telegram. Once checks are completed you will be connected with the Zien production team who ensure quality controls are met and liaise with the artist where necessary. You can find key information related to the physical artwork, including production costs and timeframe, in the Zien bot, on project drop pages and within the Expanded NFT metadata. The fabrication option on unredeemed Expanded NFTs applies whether you minted directly from Zien or purchased on secondary market platforms like Zora or OpenSea. Learn more about Expanded NFTs on the Zien blog.

Why Expanded NFTs?

Expanding NFTs into the physical dimension is to acknowledge and amplify the contemporary hyper-fusion of digital and physical experience. Located between the screen, the self and the world, Expanded NFTs reflect the transition from web2 to web3 and, we hope, create new ways to produce and collect today's foremost media agnostic art.

What projects does Zien work on?

Zien collaborates with ambitious artists to develop projects that explore the potential of contemporary art between digital and physical dimensions. A new art situated between worlds: the 2.5th dimension, web2.5, trad and crypto. Our team is setup to provide artists with expertise across curation, engineering, production, strategy and communication for artists wanting to experiment with new forms of artwork conceptualisation and production.

What percentage of revenue do artists receive?

Artists receive between 50-70% of primary sales, depending on the level of collaboration with Zien across curation, engineering, production, strategy, design, and communication. Secondary market royalties are 6% and 4% to the artist and Zien respectively.

Any other questions?

Reach out on Twitter or Instagram if you have any other questions.