Drop 04

Dec. 04 2020

Petra Cortright

10-base T ethernet cross-over MOVIE STARS.exe, 2020

Digital print

29.7 x 21 cm (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in)

Scarce Edition of 8

8 in the drop

2 available at full-price ($980)

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BY Stella Botes

For her inaugural drop on Zien, Petra Cortright is releasing ten digital paintings intended for printing at home on A4 paper. Moving away from her video art practice, Cortright has been engaging in a lighter approach to digital media; still distorted, still unusual, these works retain the spirit of her earlier practice in consistently upending our beliefs about how we see and use technology. In her work for Zien, titled ‘10-base T ethernet cross-over MOVIE STARS.exe’, Cortright weaves a ribbon into contortion, studding the image with leaves here, branches there. It almost rings festive, were it not for the melancholy of its colours - grey, chrome, near-black. Though it looks painterly, the precision of the print is photographic, sharp and clear. It is undoubtedly a darker, more twisted vision of Christmas if it is one at all, but we’d expect nothing less of an artist who can play with us like Cortright does, always searching somewhere between dystopia and utopia.

petracortright.com @petra_cortright (Instagram) petra_cortright (Twitter)

Print at Home

Digital Print on A4 paper:
21 × 29.7 cm (8-1/4 × 11-3/4 in)

Petra Cortright has made this work available for collectors to print at home on A4 paper.

This is to certify that the Petra Cortright 10-base T ethernet cross-over MOVIE STARS.exe (2020) is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

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