Collect contemporary art from $0,000.00

Zien is a gateway to art.
For the digital first generation.
Who want access to exceptional work.
To be changed or challenged by it.
To live with art. And connect with artists.
To be responsible for it.
To participate.
To share the experience with others.
Our world is on reset. Art is too.

About every 2 weeks an artist will drop a limited number of Scarce Editions on Zien. The day they drop will be published, but not the time.

User Experience

Zien is available on WhatsApp. There’s no app to download or account to create. To get on the drop list simply send Hi to +44 7476 560489 on WhatsApp. Once you’ve joined we’ll notify you when new drops are live. Unless you need something from us, we don’t send messages unrelated to drops. Our sole purpose is to connect you with high quality work by exceptional artists working at the forefront of visual culture.

When drops are live you can use a series of commands to navigate. To find out more about the work and position yourself for the drop. Reply ‘help’ anytime on Zien to get the full list of commands.

Scarce Editions are claimed on a first come, first served basis. When you join a drop you’re automatically entered into Class 3. This is the last group to be notified when the drop starts. Jump to Class 2 or 1 to get notified early by sharing or upgrading the drop.