Zien is a WhatsApp channel to collect contemporary art as Expanded NFTs: digital art with material presence. Era-defining artworks are collected as 1/1 NFTs and redeemed on-chain for unique material counterparts. This new dual-state medium reflects our multidimensional lives. Through a curated WhatsApp channel, Zien offers audiences an experience of art that’s direct and personal. Each season consists of three solo drops. Each Expanded NFT redefines aura in the 21st century.


Shumon Basar (Co-founder/Chief Narrative Officer)
With nearly three decades experience across art, architecture, fashion, literature and publishing, Shumon has been described as a “philosophical mastermind” (PinUp Magazine) and one of the world’s foremost “Global Minds.” Educated at Cambridge University, the Architectural Association and Goldsmiths, University of London, Shumon is currently Commissioner of the transdisciplinary Global Art Forum in Dubai, and a founding member of the Fondazione Prada Thought Council in Milan. Shumon’s last two books — The Extreme Self and The Age of Earthquakes, both co-authored with Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist — are considered contemporary cult classics, that offer “insightful predictions for the now and near-future — a mind-expanding understanding of our current crises” (Dazed).

Sarah Bayliss (Chief Producer)
London-based visual artist, producer, and technician working across the fine art disciplines, specialising in audio visual artwork and installation. Previous: Head of Production for Art Night 2021, Senior AV Technician for KSO AV, Producer for digital arts studio Werkflow with ICA Current Transmissions 2020. Has worked with a wide range of organisations including 180 Strand, Somerset House, Hayward Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Whitechapel Gallery, Jerwood Space.

Basile Fournier (Head of Design)
Founder of the creative studio of the same name, with experience collaborating with brands including Balenciaga, Nike, Heron Preston, and Kaleidoscope. Focusing on graphic design and computer-generated imagery with a practice that oscillates between physical and virtual realms, engaging with cultural and corporate brands to generate varied narratives and languages using new technologies. Basile operates in the fields of fashion, culture, and luxury.

Peter Holsgrove (Co-founder/CEO)
Active in crypto (art and token engineering communities) since 2016. Diverse background across technology, design and professional sport with extensive product experience. Previously Co-founder of London design/tech. studio BKKR, collaborating with international brands inc. V&A Museum, Atomico and TAG.

Anika Meier (Chief Strategist)
Anika Meier is an author and curator specializing in digital art. She writes a column for the German art magazine Kunstforum titled STATUS UPDATE about the developments around the topic of NFTs in the field of art. Right now she's working on among others a book titled “discussing Art NFTs“ with Micol Ap and Jesse Damiani, exhibitions and art NFT Linz for Francisco Carolinum in Linz, the UNESCO City of Media Arts. She curated among others The Artist Is Online (2021) at KÖNIG GALERIE and at KÖNIG in Decentraland (together with Johann König), Exercise in Hopeless Nostalgia. The World Wide Webb by Thomas Webb at KÖNIG DIGITAL, Surprisingly This Rather Works by Manuel Rossner at KÖNIG DIGITAL, Link in Bio. Art After Social Media (2019/2020) at Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Virtual Normality. Female Net Artists 2.0 at Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2018/2019).

Tom Mouna (Chief Communicator)
Writer, editor, DJ, organiser and communications strategist. He was a Curatorial Assistant at Red Brick Art Museum Beijing and Project Lead at M Woods Museum Beijing, where he conceptualised, built and managed the multidisciplinary art and nightclub space guī. He was the Beijing Editor of ArtAsiaPacific and Art and Music Editor at TimeOut Beijing and his writing has been published in Frieze, Art Review, Kaleidoscope, Tank and AQNB. He curated the first exhibition and published the first book focused on Grime music in China. He is a founding member of The Nightlife Residency, which has hosted two editions in Beijing and one in Lithuania. He has previously managed a significant private collection of contemporary art and has been involved professionally in the NFT space since 2020.

Zoe Nolan (Co-founder/CTO)
Working with blockchain protocols since 2016. Having over twenty years of diverse experience ranging from low-level hardware to cloud services, micro-services, big data, and blockchain development. Prior work includes blockchain based wholesale banking settlement platforms at Clearmatics, building web scale messaging platforms at Skype and development of real-time video encoders, GPU architecture, and game engines. Holding an MSc in Computer Graphics & Virtual Environments and a BSc in Software Engineering from The University of Hull. Zoe also is an organising team member for Rails Girls London and a Mentor for She(256), an organisation dedicated to diversity in Blockchain.

Ben Vickers (Spiritual Counsel)
Curator, writer, publisher, technologist and luddite. He is the co-founder of Ignota Books, an initiator of the open-source monastic order unMonastery and the former CTO of Serpentine Galleries in London.